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Songs Of Faith In Yahweh and Yahshua

The following is a list of songs recorded by Bill and Louise Rodgers that are used in sabbath assembly worship at The Assembly Of Yahweh At Greensburg. These songs are parodies of existing praise and worship songs edited to reflect correct doctrine, to the best of our understanding, of "the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints" (Jude  1:3 ESV). To listen to a selection, right-click on the icon and select one of the "open" options.

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Songs Of Praise And Worship, Psalms and Spiritual Songs

"HalleluYah (Praise You Yahweh)", edited from "Sing Hallelujah To The Lord" by Linda Stassen, ©1974 Linda Stassen/New Song Ministries 

Download 01 - From Psalms 96.mp3

"Yahweh Of Abraham" (remix), edited from "Lord God Of Abraham" by Steve Merkel and Wes Tuttle, ©2005 Integrity's Hosanna Music

Download 02 - Track 2.mp3

"Yahweh", cover of "Yahweh" by Shawn McDonald, ©2004 Birdwing Music/Shawn McDonald Music

Download 02 - Track 2.mp3

"Great In Power", edited from "Great In Power" by Russell Fragar, ©1998 Russell Fragar/Hillsong Music Australia

Download Psalms 100.mp3

"Hallel'u Yah", edited from "Praise Adonai" by Paul Baloche ©1999 Integrity Hosanna Music CCLI# 1596342

Download You Are Yahweh.mp3

"Dance With Me", cover of "Dance With Me"  by Chris Dupre, ©1998 Integrity's Hosanna Music 

Download Psalms 23.mp3

"Wonderful Merciful Savior", edited from "Wonderful Merciful Savior"  by Dawn Rogers & Eric Wyse, ©1989 Word Music CCLI# 106879

Download Psalms 23.mp3

"Everlasting El", edited from "Everlasting God"  by Brenton Brown & Ken Riley, ©2005 Thankyou Music 

Download Psalms 23.mp3

"I Give You My Heart", edited from "I Give You My Heart"  by Reuben Morgan, ©1995 Hillsongs Australia CCLI# 1866132 

Download Psalms 23.mp3

"You Are Qadosh - Elohim", edited from "You Are Holy - Prince Of Peace"  by Tammi Rhoton & Marc Imboden, ©1994 Imboden Music/Martha Jo Music 

Download Psalms 23.mp3

"Sing Of Your Great Love", edited from "Sing Of Your Great Love"  by Darlene Zschech, ©1999 Darlene Zschech (Hillsong) 

Download Psalms 23.mp3

"A Resting Place", edited from "A Resting Place" by Paul Wilbur, ©1987 Integrity's Hosanna!