Statement of Faith
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Statement of Faith

                 Statement of Faith of The King's Banquet Ministries       


Yahweh is Elohim in heaven above and on earth below...

there is no other.


We agree with the following found on The Hebraic Roots Network Of South Africa website:


...want to encourage the body of the Messiah to become diligent students and dedicated worshippers of the Most High. We encourage seekers of the truth as well to investigate the resources found here.

We believe the name of the Almighty Creator of the universe is יהוה. We believe He wants a people (Am Yisrael) to walk in covenant with Him. We believe He revealed Himself to the nation of Yisrael ( Israel ), and they recorded for us this in the Tanach or commonly known amongst Christians as the Old Testament.

One common goal is evident - the determination to understand the Scriptures in their Hebraic context with the aim to live in obedience to the Father's revealed will - His Torah. Coming into covenant is possible through the atoning work of our High Priest Yehoshua the Messiah. We believe faith alone saves a person and real faith will produce works of obedience.

The day is drawing near for the 1000 year reign of Moshiach ben David from Yerushalayim ( Jerusalem ). The question is, are we ready?