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Praise Yahweh With A Grateful Heart

Bill Rodgers ©2006




    Praise Yahweh with a grateful heart


    Praise Yahweh with a grateful heart

C2+5                                                          G5

    Praise Yahweh with a grateful heart Praise Him

Em7+2#                                                                 G5

1.   He brought us out of the darkness and slavery of "Egypt"

Em7+2#                                                          G5

      He breaks us out of binding chains with His Word

Em7+2#                                                     G5

     This through Messiah, He reconciles His chosen ones

Em7+2#                  C2+5                    D4      D

     To raise us up to praise and worship Him.



Em7+2#                                                   G5

2.  He shows us mercy and kindness in our ignorance

Em7+2#                                                                  G5

     He draws us to Him though we know not what we do

Em7+2#                                                   G5

     He sent Yahshua that we could find the way to Him

Em7+2#                                 C2+5           D4        D

     Let us obey Him and let us serve Him in truth.



alternate "serve"