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Mighty Name c & l

The Mighty Name Of Yahweh


Bill Rodgers






             A            D                        A

Here I am I adore You I bow before You

                     Esus           E

Submitting all I am to You

               A                     D                        A

You are El You’re my Father Hallel’u Yah

   Esus                     E                      A

I exalt the mighty name of Yahweh

    D                     A

1. Offerings to You

        D                                                     A

Proceeding from my heart, from my lips

    D                                    A

Yahweh Elohim is glorious

         D                                                 Esus   E

My heart is full of joy because of You

F#m E                          D      F#m   E                             D

       Worshipping in truth            Worshipping in spirit

F#m E                        D      F#m      E                   D

       All because of You                All of it for You


2. Offerings to you

Proceeding from our hearts, from our lips

Yahweh Elohim is glorious

Our hearts are full of joy because of You

Worshipping in truth Worshipping in spirit

All because of You All of it for You

Chorus: (using “we” and “our”)