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Psalms 113 c&l

Praise From Psalm 113

Music & Arrangement

Bill Rodgers





chorus:    F G Am      F G Am

              Yahweh      Elohim

              F G Am             F       G      Am

              Yahweh      We bless Your Name

               F         G      Am

              Bless Your Name


     C5                                 F2

1. Servants of Yahweh give praise

     C5                            F2

   Praise to the name of Yahweh

     C5                               F2

   Blessed be the name of Yahweh

     C5                                 F2

   From this moment on and forever

            Dm7   C/E    F     C/E

   From sunrise till sunset

    Dm7          C/E               F         Gsus G

   Yahweh’s Name’s to be praised